Group Driving Tours

Group Driving tours will carpool together to the location using your own vehicles.  They usually include a guided tour of the site. After that, the rest of the visit and the return to Doswell are flexible.  You can explore on your own or go to other nearby attractions. 


Each tour will have a volunteer facilitator, who will have a list of tour members and will carry the check (if required) to the tour location.  If you would like to volunteer, check the box on the registration form.

The time given on the registration form is the line-up time at Doswell. Online registration is preferred!  A small convenience fee has been added to cover processing. If you have any questions, email  

  • Tour deadlines are approaching! The deadlines vary by tour:
  • June 29 – Tours to Monticello, Mt. Vernon, Scotchtown,  the Patrick Henry reenactment at St. John’s church
  • July 8 – Fredericksburg Trolley Tour, Richmond Civil War sites,  Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
  • July 20 – Colonial Williamsburg
  • Sign up is available during the rally for Secretariat, Berkeley Plantation, & the Marine Corp Museum

If you cannot register online email for a registration form.   Cancellation fees after July 3: send email to