Unit Publications Contest

Calling All Editors! Final Unit Publications Contest 

The 2019 Unit Publications Contest in Doswell will be the final contest before we switch to a “showcase” format in 2020. For the last time, Units are invited to enter newsletters (3 consecutive issues produced since the International Rally in Salem) and/or the current Unit Membership Directory. 

Newsletters: There are two categories for newsletter entries. The first is the “print-friendly” category. Regardless of how it is distributed, a newsletter that can be printed without loss of format will fall into the print-friendly category. The second category is for web-based entries – the newsletter consists of one or more web pages, and cannot be produced in print without distortion in format or loss of features. Entries that meet the print-friendly definition but that are entered as web-based may not be judged. 

Directories: As in the past, there will be two categories – bound and loose-leaf. A bound entry is one that is secured by one or more staples, binding or coil. A loose-leaf entry is not secured by staples, binding or coil. 

To enter: At the Rally, entries will be received at posted times during check-in. Judging will take place on July 22 and top entries will be on display on July 24. Units wishing to enter the competition by mail must ensure their entries are received by July 20. Mailing information can be found on the Doswell website doswell.wbcci.net/helpful-information/ Please contact me if you plan to enter by mail so that I can keep an eye out for your entry’s arrival. Unfortunately, I will not be able to return mailed-in entries. 

Judges Needed: If you are interested in being a judge – no experience required – please contact me. 

  • Kathy Blake, 4901 
  • Chair, Unit Publications Committee 
  • kathyblake@rogers.com